https://indiamegamart.com welcomes you to India´s pioneered web info galaxy. Genuine information dissemination is one of the prime objectives of IndiaMegaMart.Com that makes our business a matter of reliability and trust worthy affairs. In order to build up authentic business relation with you we would like to present before you all detail about our terms and conditions.
Terms & Conditions
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Warranty and disclaimers excluding provided in a written agreement amid you and IndiaMegaMart.com. All material & services on this site are devoid of any kind of warranty either articulated or oblique but not bound to the obscure warranties of commercial ship or suitability for a scrupulous reason, or the warranty of non-contravention. With no restraining the prior, IndiaMegaMart.com provides no warranty that:

  1. The services and materials would be strictly in accordance to your requirements.
  2. Fault freeness, security, un-interruption and well timely execution of services and materials.
  3. Accuracy effectiveness and reliability of services and materials and services.
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  5. A few circumstances or jurisdiction do not permit of obscure warranties or restrictions on the duration when warranty would last. Therefore the abovementioned limitations may not apply to you to the extent acceptable. Kindly note any implied warranty would limit to a maximum duration of 90 (ninety days).
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Copyright Policy
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Guidelines for use of Site Information and Materials
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  5. Plagiarism of contents and data libeling is an offensive act. IndiaMegaMart.Com may take any legal action in such cases.
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Privacy Policy
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Payment and Refund Issue
  1. No payments are being accepted at IndiaMegaMart.Com. We have not authorized any individual or organization to collect payments in any other name (i.e. any other individual or organization name) or via personal Western Union or personal Paypal Accounts for any services rendered by IndiaMegaMart.Com. You are informed that under no circumstances will IndiaMegaMart.Com be liable for any damage caused in your business transaction to such fraudulent individuals or organizations.
  2. To protect your business interests, please contact us immediately if any such fraudulent individual or organization tries to mislead you.

  1. For any kind of legal dispute related to IndiaMegaMart.Com would be dealt in only territory of Delhi. All the legal issues are subjected only to pertinent contemporary´s laws in force at New Delhi to the jurisdiction of courts located in New Delhi only.
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  3. Information/Images/ Contents available on member´s classifieds, website is completely controlled by respective member and IndiaMegaMart.Com bears no accountability/liability for any sort of legal issues including authenticity or copyright. All such issues need to be directly addressed to respective member.
  4. We anticipate that aforementioned information would enable you to shrewdly use the facilities and services offered by IndiaMegaMart.Com and strengthen our business associations as well. With warmest greetings, Team IndiaMegaMart.Com is all set to assist you to serve with best possible solutions.